Our Team

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Chad Lefevre

Chad is a visionary thought leader and pioneering entrepreneur in the NeuroTransformation and Wisdom industries. In addition to NeuroBe, he has co-founded Ncite NeuroMedia, Transcend Studios, and themostimportantconversations.com. His 16 years as a marketing executive, business strategist and futurist philosopher, has included ground breaking and disruptive initiatives with Coca-Cola, Sony Music, United Way, and Telus. A dynamic, funny and powerful speaker Chad engages audiences through his unparalleled insights into how the mind and technology recursively influence and define each other in our digital age.

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Anurag Gupta

Anurag is a world renowed speaker, business architect, and business philosopher. For more than 16 years and on 4 continents he has developed breakthrough approaches in organizational culture and performance with over 40,000 leaders. His work has lead to award winning, international successes (including 2 EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards won by his clients). A former senior Landmark Education Forum Leader, he has co-designed and developed culture and growth strategies for companies such as lululemon athletica, where he also served as executive coach to then Founder and CEO, Chip Wilson.

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James Garrett

James is a brain science curator, neuroscience entrepreneur, and founder of Brain by Design. James was trained by some of the most influential psychologists in the world, including Walter Mischel at Columbia University and Nalini Ambady of Stanford University. His research has been published in top scientific journals, including The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology and PLOS ONE. He has been featured in the New York Times, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review and Arab investor, and was honored with the prestigious Draper Richards Kaplan Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship, and twice awarded membership to the Clinton Global Initiative.

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Rob Evans

Co-founder of Imaginal Labs, former CEO of ODI Europe and former Ernst & Young Partner, for over 30 years, Rob has successfully directed projects on business transformation, strategy development and implementation, major IT systems implementation, total quality management, cultural change, and performance improvement. Throughout his career he has provided strategy for 46 of the Fortune 100. Rob’s passion is working with courageous leaders to help them align and mobilize their teams to accomplish the things of which they dream.


Tara Lefevre

Tara Lefevre is a senior trainer and coach. Through her career Tara has relentlessly focused helping companies improve their work environments, working closely with leadership in the development of themselves as leaders and their vision and mission for their company. Prior to her work with NeuroBe, Tara was a leader and trainer at Landmark Education, and a coach with the Difference Engine. Tara is a professional photographer and mixed medium artist. Through her artistic endeavors, she is currently exploring powerful femininity.