Illumination Retreat

NeuroBe’s Illumination is an exclusive self realization and brain-hacking retreat experience that provides you with the opportunity to intimately and deeply connect with your “true” self through the process of deconstruction. After deconstructing your default self and way of being, you will immerse yourself in a powerful design and reconstruction process consisting of new intentional and by-design ways of thinking and being. All of this is done with a community of other retreat attendees who share in your commitment to the Socratic maxim to “Know Thyself”.


Embark on a journey like no other - unlock your mind and embark on a journey into your own psyche, into your own Being; one that you have neglected for years. Break through a lifetime of striving to look good, acquire stuff and the suffering from spinning to be seen and validated. Use various cognitive modalities, technologies and tools to gain awareness of and control over how your mind currently sabotages your autonomy, limits your perception and personal power, and relegates you as a victim of your life’s circumstances.


If you’re an executive or an entrepreneur, Integrate your learning back into your business for greater self expression, productivity and profit, while being part of a self realized community who will support you in your self expression and expansion, be a stand for you to live into your true potential, and work together as change makers to help humanity and the planet.


WHO: You!

Executives, entrepreneurs and leaders.

Accepted applicants are ready to do the work to experience self realization and to develop your Being for greater significance, influence and impact in your life, business and in your community.

You acknowledge your important role in the world as a leader, and you acknowledge you have been playing small and not living into your true Being and your potential. You are ready (finally!) to step into your true power to positively impact your community, your friends, your family and the planet.

You are ready to do the work to overcome your brain’s proclivity to be sabotaged by the “NearWin”, stubborn habit loops, and the delusional stories your brain uses to hold you back and keep you small.


WHERE: Tulum, Mexico

Located 90 minutes south of Cancun by car, this “eco-chic” destination along the narrow strip where the Mayan Jungle meets the Caribbean Sea is a luxurious existentialist haven for global A-lister’s, entrepreneurs, business executives, artists, fashion designers and expats.

Tulum is Instagram’s most popular beach, and one of the most popular business and entrepreneurial expat locations, due to its commitment to personal growth, consciousness, and sustainability.

Most people ride bikes around, the bars and restaurants are often open-air and lit by candles or low-energy lights, and yet, hotels can go for up to $4,000 a night.

With the global rich and powerful frequenting its rustic, off the grid, high fashion vibe seeking solace and respite from the growing busyness of the modern world, Tulum has truly become the place to be for mindful entrepreneurs recognizing the importance of retreat from the hustle and bustle of “making it”



Brain Hacking > Meditation > Authentic Mayan Shamanic Vison Quest & Ritual

Transform who you are Being by addressing the neurological and behavioral realities of how the human mind works (addiction centric, habit forming, & unconscious behavior);

be released from the “shoulds” of society, and experience your true power;

Deep dive into the stories running every aspect of your life or your business, and the incompletions you tolerate that are defining your very Being;

hack your unconscious decision making loops and overcome the “NearWin” to experience self realization;

be released from the habitual unconscious ways of being: Dig into and learn how to overcome the subconscious habit sequence, so that you can make conscious and powerful choices;

Distinguish and experience the power of you living life as a creator versus as a consumer of other people’s ideas, possibilities and actions;

Practice outcome vs. process-based Being, thinking and doing;

Design your business as the Being-centric vehicle to deliver your purpose to the world;

For those willing and prepared for the deepest transformation, retreat attendees have the option to enroll in an authentic traditional Mayan shamanic vision quest and spiritual ritual, designed to access new awareness of your mind, body, soul integration.

Experience mind, body and heart integration.


White Sand Beaches > Cenote > Mayan Ruins > Healthy Gourmet Dining

Experience a rejuvenating excursion day, beginning with a tour of the ancient Mayan ruins on the Caribbean sea. Discover the ancient spiritual history of this global vortex.

Spend the afternoon in the heart of the jungle diving into Mexico’s famous centote natural spring water pools.

End the day with an exquisite dinner at one of Tulum’s premium jungle restaurants.