Erin brings her years as a multi Emmy-nominated TV producer, whose work includes shows like The View, Barbara Walters Specials, and Good Morning America. On leaving The View, Saxton launched her own marketing agency, aptly named The Idea Network, where Erin led the national media strategy for notables like Jack Canfield, who has sold more than 500 million books. Her extensive media, marketing and brand building experience connects powerfully with the underlying principles of Neurobe. Marketing is primarily an exercise in behavioral psychology. Blending Erin's marketing expertise and unparalleled media network is in response to an industry deeply in need for a new kind of marketing: neuromarketing.

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Chad is a visionary thought leader and pioneering entrepreneur in the neuromedia industry. As a dynamic, funny and powerful speaker and presenter, he entertains, inspires and provokes. In addition to being a founding partner of NeuroBe, he is the CEO of Ncite Neuromedia, a leading international neuroscience-based technology and content firm at the intersection of physical and virtual environments. In addition to this, his 20 years of experience as a marketing / communications executive, business strategist and futurist philosopher, has included ground breaking and disruptive initiatives with Coca-Cola, Sony Music, and Telus. Chad guides his clients and engages audiences through his unparalleled insights into how the mind and technology recursively influence and define each other in our digital age.

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Edmond Lee is a seasoned entrepreneur and an experienced online marketer. His daily goal is to give value to another by sharing his intellect, business coaching, internet marketing tips, or just a good old fashion referral. Edmond believes in cooperative capitalism and his passion is creating solutions and results for business owners. In addition to being a managing partner at NeuroBe, Edmond has been educating Americans about personal finance and capitalism for several years. He also serves as Club President of CEOSpace Dallas and Executive State Director for Texas. Edmond’s commitment is to transforming peoples lives, whether that is to show people how to work, live, play, invest and retire anywhere in the world by working with help CEOs, lawyers, attorneys and other professionals to get the capital, clients, systems, knowledge and resources they need.